What does the left not get about housing?

This question has been rattling round my brain for years, but has got louder while I’ve been here.  There are, as ever, exceptions and generalisations in what follows.  But overall, the organised left, including within trade unions, socialist, revolutionary and labourist/social democratic parties, appears unable to fully recognise the scale of housing misery for working… Continue reading What does the left not get about housing?

The Coops

I made a discovery this morning. Three miles east of Co-Op City is more evidence of NYC’s somewhat hidden history of non-market housing. When I first arrived here (the Allerton neighbourhood of the Bronx), I noticed a very distinctive building on the corner of Allerton Avenue and Bronx Park East. I had a quick look… Continue reading The Coops

The Shape of Things to Come

Having been here less than two weeks, it’s difficult to accurately assess where things are going with New York City’s deeply troubled housing situation. But there seems to be an uneasy hiatus, that perhaps reflects the mood of the city and nation as a whole. There are some numbers that give an indication of what’s… Continue reading The Shape of Things to Come

Test Card

Barring last minute hitches, I’ll be flying to the US next Monday to start my six-month Fulbright Scholarship in The Bronx. I’m planning to use this blog to record and share my experiences, but I’m having launch anxiety! So this post is by way of a Test Card to check if things are working. It… Continue reading Test Card