The Gathering Storm

This is a “hot take” and potentially, a strained metaphor.  But I’ve woken this morning to the news that the US Supreme Court has struck down the federal (i.e. national) eviction moratorium.  This was expected, including by the Biden administration and I presume it means all the other eviction suspensions (like the one in New York state) are now on shaky legal ground, so literally millions of people are at risk of being made homeless during a pandemic.

The media and political noise are mostly focused on Afghanistan and criticism of Biden.  I’m not sure what else he could have done in that situation, but he could have intervened to put the interests of poor tenants above those of rich landlords.  Instead, he has hidden behind the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the agency that imposed the eviction ban, on public health grounds.  Far more than trying to “win” an unwinnable war, this is the moment when his vacillation will really hit working class Americans.      

The summer weather here follows a regular pattern.  Heat and pressure build over several days, reaching extreme levels, before a massive storm breaks, often – and increasingly – causing serious damage and loss of life.  That could be what’s about to happen with housing.  Today, I’m going to go and help make phone calls to the thousands of Bronx tenants who are now in the eye of that storm.  I’m expecting housing campaigns in New York City and beyond will be urgently considering what action to take in response to the Supreme Court decision, perhaps with a national demonstration in mind.  More to follow…      

Tenants threatened with COVID eviction, at a protest before the Supreme Court decision.


  1. Thanks Glyn. As I was somehow taken with other emails I did not read this on Friday..even more grim news, and your sentiments are so correct. He could have done something for the tenants who will be facing evictions or increasing indebtedness -if that is possible. Await the next news .. NO PRESSURE! Xx

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