Co-operate: “Because we have to”

Barely a week after the last one, last Thursday I attended another great meeting!  It was hosted by the Herman Liebman Memorial Fund and attended by a group of advocates for and participants in mutualism and co-operatives.  Those words may have a 19th century ring to them.  But as the keynote speaker, Sara Horowitz, said,… Continue reading Co-operate: “Because we have to”

The Amalgamated

Another day, another example of inspirational, working class-led housing in NYC. The Amalgamated Housing Co-Operative is in the north-west Bronx, just south of Van Cortlandt Park. It’s been there since 1927, one of the oldest housing co-ops in the US. The Amalgamated was established by and named after the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, the… Continue reading The Amalgamated

The Coops

I made a discovery this morning. Three miles east of Co-Op City is more evidence of NYC’s somewhat hidden history of non-market housing. When I first arrived here (the Allerton neighbourhood of the Bronx), I noticed a very distinctive building on the corner of Allerton Avenue and Bronx Park East. I had a quick look… Continue reading The Coops

Co-Op City

Co-Op City is a couple of miles east of where I’m staying. Reputedly, it’s the biggest housing co-operative in the world and part of a US tradition of non-market housing that may confound expectations. I went there yesterday for a walkabout. It’s massive. Many years ago, I spent a bit of time on one of… Continue reading Co-Op City