Glyn Robbins

I’ve worked in, campaigned on and written about housing since 1990.  I spent the last 10 years managing a council/public housing development in Islington, north London (during which time I completed a PhD on urban and planning policy), I’ve also worked in the private and non-profit housing sectors.  Throughout, I’ve combined my work with active involvement in grassroots housing justice campaigns. I have a particular interest in trans-Atlantic urban policy comparisons, which has led to becoming a 2020/21 Fulbright Scholar.  I’ve also developed a parallel academic career as a Visiting Fellow and guest lecturer at the London School of Economics (LSE).  My writing has been widely published and in 2017 I wrote a book comparing US/UK housing policy in which I strongly argued for a greatly expanded non-market rented housing sector, a demand that has assumed even greater urgency with the COVID and environmental emergencies.

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