The Unfolding Failure of the U.S. Left

I know that headline could have been written at many times and equally applied to many countries.  I’m also conscious of being a guest who’s in danger of abusing their hospitality.  But what’s unfolding here is a potentially catastrophic failure of the left that could have lasting consequences here and beyond.  As I’ve written before… Continue reading The Unfolding Failure of the U.S. Left

Virtual meeting with AOC

Yesterday, I attended a “virtual town hall” meeting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (my Congresswoman) and Jamaal Bowman, who represents the neighbouring constituency (I need to find out why they didn’t share the platform with Representative Ritchie Torres from the adjoining 15th Congressional District). All three are associated with the ascendant generation of politicians shaking up the… Continue reading Virtual meeting with AOC